Not to be forgotten, Hussein Obama’s ISIL – ISIS confusion

Not to be forgotten, Hussein Obama’s ISIL – ISIS confusion

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We are to see ISIS as the world’s gravest security crisis for decades to come but solutions to the horror that is ISIL/ISIS escape this country’s finest thinkers.  An action plan is slow coming and confusion (or something) reigns around the subject.  

A Freudian slip perhaps?  Regardless, move along – nothing to be seen here.

There are those who take the subject seriously –

There are those who don’t seem to – US blocks attempts by allies to arm the Kurds.

No, the seriously “lite” crowd really don’t seem to – thank you Earl of Taint.


And in the meantime, if one is to believe the constant propaganda, they blow up a baby in a training class demonstration on proper handling of explosions, and drown prisoners in cages.


Oh yeah, and they build luxury hotels (one anyway – allegedly) which we have on good authority will be added…

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