Meet The Architect of Appeasement

Meet The Architect of Appeasement


Meet Wendy Sherman, architect of appeasement disasters in nuclear negotiations with North Korea and Iran

By By Ed Lasky and Thomas Lifson October 25, 2014 Via The American Thinker

Queen of Pain.(Source: Wikipedia)

(Oh-My-Goodness! – LS)

 The Pentagon says that North Korea likely has a nuclear weapon that can be mounted on a missile. Hats off to Wendy Sherman, architect of the 1999 nuclear deal with North Korea that was supposed to prevent this sort of thing. In return for hundreds of millions of dollars of food and oil at a time a million or more people were starving to death under the North Korean regime, the United States received meaningless concessions that did little or nothing to stop North Korea’s nuclear program.  That deal was described by former Secretary of State James Baker as “appeasement.”

The only positive thing that could be said about the latest agreement is…

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