Chattanooga Jihadist Wrote Blog/Manifesto Three Days Before Attack

Chattanooga Jihadist Wrote Blog/Manifesto Three Days Before Attack

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Chattanooga shooter Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez

The twenty-four year old Islamic jihadist, Mohammad Abdulazeez, who shot and killed four U. S. Marines, one police officer and injured three people yesterday in Chattanooga, Tennessee had a blog, a manifest which proves that yesterday’s shootings were indeed “Islamic” in spite of insistence by government officials that the Chattanooga shootings not be labeled. (How dare we do the math ourselves.)

Abdulazeez, also killed yesterday during the shootout created just 72 hours prior to embarking on his reign of terror a blog entitled, MYABDULAZEEZ. which contains only two posts, i.e., manifesto, both dated July 13, 2015.

According to, the jihadist Abdulazeez’s manifesto reveals “what the Daily Beast did when they cherry-picked statements, they did not present the manifesto at its fullest. It reveals a sinister plan to go to heaven through Jihad and that the man thought he was imprisoned in this world and that the only…

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