The ISIS WMD Nightmare via FrontPage Mag

Thank Obama and his supporters for the clusterfuck the Mid East, Northern Africa have become.


The ISIS WMD Nightmare


This week, the Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, made an alarming revelation to the Australian newspaper, which was picked up by Britain’s Independent and then by the world.  ISIS, she said, presently has the capacity to build a large, radioactive disbursal device known as a “dirty bomb.”

If this is true, no one doubts the willingness of the Islamic State (IS, or ISIS) to use such a terror-inducing bomb on any target it wants.  ISIS has bragged about its desire to obtain an actual nuclear bomb, not just a dirty bomb, on the open market from Pakistan.  This aspiration was reported in a propaganda letter written last month by ISIS mouthpiece, British hostage John Cantile.

And it seems likely that ISIS has already used chemical weapons against the Kurdish fighters encircling Mosul, in the form of chlorine gas. Read more—>

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    The ISIS WMD Nightmare via FrontPage Mag


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