Laughing at their own cruelty,

ISIS fighters revel in the misery they bring as they force desperate Syrians to turn back from the Turkish border as they try to flee Islamic State territory

They can thank Obama for this. His warped ideology and insane policies have turned the ME into one giant clusterfuck.


  • Armed ISIS terrorists forced thousands of desperate Syrian refugees to abandon an escape to freedom at gunpoint 
  • The men, women and children carried everything they could as they shuffled up to the Tal Abyad border crossing
  • But many were forced to return after laughing fighters rounded up the refugees and marched them back into Syria  

These are the laughing Islamic State fighters who forced desperate Syrian refugees to abandon an escape to Turkey by marching them back across the border at gunpoint.

Thousands of people have attempted to flee the across the border to escape ISIS at Tal Abyad after hearing Kurdish militia were advancing towards the town, where they fear there could be a bloodbath.

However, their escape route was blocked by heavily armed members of the terror group, who rounded up those trying to flee and marched them back into Syria.


The terrorists laughed with each other as they forced to the civilians back to the warzone even though heavy fighting is imminent

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