Speak Free or Die

Speak Free or Die


2015-05-07T205221Z_1_LYNXMPEB4611E_RTROPTP_3_USA-SHOOTING-TEXASMostly, as you all know, I do reasoned argument here. It’s what I’m best at, and above all, I believe in a rational society, where we take our differences and reason out to a rational conclusion, somewhere in the middle. But there is a point where that stops.

That stops where one side or the other attempts to control what I say and therefore what I think. If you look at the aftermath at Garland, TX the other day, we have reached that point. And when we reach that point, rational discussion becomes less useful, although we still need to define what we believe.

Then it becomes time for the warriors, the Pam Geller’s, and above all time for the men like Kurt Schlichter, who combine the warrior with the pen. Mr. Schlichter had a few things to say the other day writing on Town Hall. I shouldn’t have…

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